Zuzanna Ziomecka

Editor-in-Chief & Founder, NewsMavens


Editor-in-Chief & Founder



Zuzanna Ziomecka is an American-educated, Polish-based media maker professionally involved in print, television and internet projects since the beginning of the millennium. She was awarded editor of the year for founding and editing the first Polish lifestyle magazine for parents in 2008. She was also one of the few women to ever act as chief editor for a weekly magazine (Przekrój) in Poland. Currently, Zuzanna works for Poland's largest liberal daily - Gazeta Wyborcza - where she is responsible for digital innovations for their women's brand "Wysokie Obcasy". In the fall of 2017 she launched NewsMavens.com - a news round-up curated exclusively by women from European news organisations. The project is funded by Google DNI and Gazeta Wyborcza and aims to discover whether gender has an impact on news narrative. Zuzanna is a also a woman's advocate, mindfulness teacher, mother and a fellow of the Leadership Academy for Poland.

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11 September 2017

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