George Conard

Product Manager, Jigsaw


Product Manager



George is a product manager at Jigsaw currently leading Project Shield (Jigsaw's CDN DDoS mitigation service for news publishers, human rights organizations, and elections information sites) and Perspective (using machine learning to improve online conversations). Prior to joining Jigsaw, George led multiple products in Google’s Access emerging markets team, and drove early product explorations for new ad formats in Google’s Search Ads organization. Before joining Google, George was Executive Director of the Technology for Microfinance Program at the Grameen Technology Center and CEO of Mifos, an open source banking platform for microfinance organizations. He launched the Grameen Foundation’s Village Phone Program in Rwanda and founded VPR-SARL, a joint venture between Grameen Foundation and MTN Rwanda. George previously spent 7 years at Microsoft where he led product for Microsoft’s developer tools in academic markets.

29 June 2017

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