Emmi Jouslehto

CEO & Co-Founder, Robust North

Robust North

CEO & Co-Founder



Emmi Jouslehto is a CEO and co-founder of Robust North, one of the frontier companies to conquer the virtual space. Company´s gem is Arilyn - an Augmented & Virtual Reality Service that offers high-end tools for interactive virtual customer engagement. 

Emmi has over 15 years of experience on ICT consulting, sales and team leadership especially in the fields of Augmented & Virtual Reality and Location Based Solutions. Prior to her current position as startup entrepreneur (since 2014) Emmi used to be the Head of Location Based Solutions at CGI Finland. 

As a geographer by education (Master of Science, University of Oulu) she is thrilled about exploring the possibilities virtual spaces offer for storytelling and interaction. 

26 September 2016

Personalisation, Immersive Experience & Digital Transformation of News