Christoph Tanneberger

Faktenfinder Journalist & Editor, ARD Tagesschau

ARD Tagesschau

Faktenfinder Journalist & Editor



Christoph Tanneberger works as editor at ARD-aktuell/ARD News. With its linear and digital outlets “tagesschau”, “tagesthemen” and “nachtmagazin”, ARD-aktuell reaches out to several million people every day and fulfills its commitment as one of two German public broadcasters. Christoph joined ARD-aktuell in 2012, and since then, contributes with his work to the linear bulletins on TV and to the digital outlets. He also is a member of ARD’s fact checking team “Faktenfinder”, which was established last April and that will be in place at least until the federal elections next fall. Before, Christoph worked as a reporter for local public broadcaster RBB in Berlin and Potsdam and for magazines and newspapers. Christoph was an Ernst-Reuter-Fellow at Yale University and holds an M.A. in German literature, history and film studies from the Free University Berlin. 

29 June 2017

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