Patrick Weinhold

Head of Social Media, ARD / Tagesschau

ARD / Tagesschau

Head of Social Media



Patrick Weinhold runs the Social Media department of tagesschau, Germany’s best known newsoutlet. He is responsible for its digital strategy and all accounts on third-party-plattforms, like @tagesschau on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok - as well as tageschau's Messenger services.

Patrick's team - consisting of journalists, motion designers and video editors - set trends for the Social Web, like launching the first news account on TikTok, awarded „best TikTok account 2019“.

As elected representative of ARD and ZDF, Patrick holds the German seat in the Digital Steering Committee of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which advises and supports European media providers in digital transformation processes.

Recently Patrick was ranked as one of 50 "important celebrities in the German digital spheres 2020“ in the digital industry ranking: OMR50.

6 October 2020

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