Valia Kaimaki

Vice-Chairwoman, European Journalism Centre


Valia Kaimaki has been working as a journalist for the past twenty years and since 2015 she has joined the newsroom of the General Secretariat for Media and Information in Greece. Previously she has been a radio producer at the National Radio Television and an editor at Eleftherotypia newspaper. She has also collaborated with several other publications and has audiovisual production experience. She focuses on international and European affairs and has been the editor in chief of the Greek Edition of Le Monde Diplomatique since 1998.

She holds a PhD in Media, Communication and Culture and has been an adjunct lecturer at the Open University of Cyprus since 2013, teaching new tools in journalism. As an author, she published the first book about internet and journalism in Greece in 1997 and then again in 2013 a book about how society has changed because of digitalisation. She is the Vice Chairwoman of the EJC’s Board of Administrators, which she joined in 1999. 

15 November 2019

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25 June 2018

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